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Get Your Business Seen By The Professionals In Your Industry

Bylined Content from the Professionals in Your Industry


We specialize in creating high quality roundups where multiple sources comment on one question or topic.


Our team identifies professionals in your industry to create and publish original, topical articles. 


We conduct written Q&A’s with our vetted sources on topics relevant to your customer base.

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Direct Introductions

Each piece of content directly introduces contributors to your brand. This happens when our team informs the contributor where their content will be published and then again when we notify them that their content has been published.


Increased Social Sharing

Each piece of content grows your social following by engaging with the content contributor on twitter, along with their followers. Roundups create an opportunity to engage with multiple contributors.

High Quality Inbound Links

We encourage the industry professionals to publish an excerpt from their contributed content on their own company website.  This will include a link to the full piece of content on your publication.

We’ve been working with the folks at Magnetar Media for several years. I consider them a key part of our team. They excel at building relationships and creating content that directly introduces our brand to the primary operators in our industry. With Magnetar doing a ton of the heavy lifting, we’re able to focus on other important aspects of our company’s growth.

Erick Arbé


We'll keep you on schedule, on message, and on the mind of customers and prospects.