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How Our Process Works and Why it’s So Effective

Content Roadmap

We start with a discussion with your team to understand your target customer base.  Our team then develops the roadmap we use for creating content focused on relevant topics.

Content Powered by People with Pull

We source pros from your industry, founders, coaches, and authors to contribute content to publish on your company blog.  We do this through outreach and from relationships we have developed via our own network of online directories and publications.  We’re able to make this happen by providing additional visibility to contributors via our network of publications.

Content Management

We receive and review the content submitted from our participating contributors.  For approved content, we then format, optimize, and schedule it for publishing on your company blog.  This includes adding images provided by the contributors, embedding outbound links, insuring bullets and lists display properly, adding proper attribution, and arranging for automated distribution to our network of publications.

Direct Introductions to Your Brand  

Each piece of content we publish on your blog directly introduces that contributor to your brand.  If it’s a roundup, it directly introduces multiple contributors to your brand.  This happens when our team informs the contributor where their content will be published and then again when we notify them that their content has been published on your blog.

Increased Social Sharing 

Each piece of published content grows your social following by engaging with the content contributor on twitter, along with their followers.  If the content is in roundup format, it creates an opportunity to engage with multiple contributors and their followers. 

Inbound links

Our content contributors will often publish an excerpt from their piece on their own company website with a link to the full piece on your site.


Each piece of content is re-published on our network of sites such as  Those pieces will include attribution to your company and website as the original source of the content.

Additional Visibility  

Your company is prominently displayed in our Tools & Resources section on

Cross Publication

Key people within your company will have the opportunity to get published in content pieces we put together for other company blogs in our network.